Below are a few websites that we have created for our clients.  A short description of some of the features is included along with links to each site. Please feel free to view the sites but out of respect to our clients please do not make entries for test purposes as these are links to the actual websites in production.

If you are interested in viewing and testing the functionality of these sites feel free to contact us by filling out a  Customer Information Request Form and Texas Pages would be happy to setup a time to meet with you to review the sites and answer any questions.



Unique Woods

Unique Woods is a full e-commerce site that is in it's 8th year of existence. It utilizes real time credit card processing and calculates real time UPS shipping rates. Unique Woods has regular customers from over 20 different states and customers from as far as Japan. They also use the site as an additional sales tool while attending conferences and shows throughout the U.S.

ATI Auto Repair

ATI Auto Repair has been a premier mechanical and electrical auto repair facility in Richardson, Texas since 1966. This client wanted  us to highlight key points of their business practices. To accomplish this request, Flash programming was utilized. We also designed a new logo for the business and incorporated  a commercial created by Yellow Pages. 

Joe Wallis Storage Equipment Company

The Joe Wallis Company has been serving the DFW area for over 65 years and looked to us to help them with two main goals. Showcase their product catalog to a wider audience and give their established clientele of Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin the ability to submit  a quote for products online. We created a Request for Quote in PDF format that their clients can fill out and submit.  The request is sent via email to their sales staff to process. 

Jane's Secret Place

Jane's Secret Place is an antiques and collectibles store that is a vital part of the Joe Wallis family of products. Once Joe Wallis online was established they were excited to showcase their antique and collectible products. Texas Pages also created new logos and business cards for Joe Wallis and Jane's Secret Place to help launch their new brand and products. 

West Texas Trade Days

West Texas Trade Days is located in Historic Fort Stockton, Texas. West Texas Trade Days offers vendors an opportunity to market their products, talents and creations. Located in rural West Texas  this client wanted to expand it's reach to vendors so we created this online brochure.  Additionally, we designed and printed  business cards, flyers, print ads and other marketing products. Due to  the success of WTTD, the owner asked us to design and print business cards and other marketing products for another business venture.