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Network Analysis/Design

If you are planning to implement a new network or upgrade an existing network infrastructure, you should consider the pros and cons of all existing network technologies before implementing a plan. Many businesses implement network changes and soon realize that there are other technologies not considered which may have delivered higher network performance.

Our consultants offer vision, strategy, assessment, architecture and conceptual design services to help businesses understand their current network infrastructure and emerging network technologies. We then formulate a strategic plan for implementation that is right for you and your business.

Enterprise Security
In today's unprecedented climate of security uncertainty, our consultants understand the need for our customers to implement a enterprise security  plan that prepares for the unexpected. Since our customer's success is our ultimate goal, we are dedicated to protecting every aspect of their operation - computer systems, communications, employees and property. An unsecured business environment creates vulnerability in  productivity, customer service, and competitiveness. 
VPN / Firewall Design
Let our consultants design and implement Enterprise-class security solutions with  performance for a broad spectrum of business, hospitality, medical and industrial networks for you. Your business can benefit from leading edge technologies including firewall, VPN, intrusion detection (IDS) and content filtering (CF), fulfilling the most demanding security requirements. Our consultants and associates have experience with Cisco, Checkpoint, Sonicwall and other vendors so we will be able to assess your business environment and make the most appropriate solution recommendation for your business.
Administration Services
Our consultants and associates have operational experience in setting up and configuring all types of network architectures. Our experience enable us to effectively design, assemble, install, test, configure, and administrate all types of network hardware and software.
Our consulting engineers will  interface with your telecomm service providers to turn-up T1, DSL, Cable and Frame Relay circuits and verify their operation. Our consultants and associates can provide all ranges network services so if you are contemplating outsourcing your IT and Network services allow us the opportunity to present you a design and implementation plan.